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In memory of Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddarji popularly known as ‘Shri Bhaiji’ and with efforts of Shri Radha Baba we started a hope for poor cancer patients. This institute was established in 1982 to serve people of lower economic strata of society to fight against cancer. We are serving almost 13 districts of eastern U.P. and adjacent part of Bihar state and neighboring country Nepal. Currently this institution is equipped with one Linear Accelerator, one Cobalt and one HDR Brachytherapy machine. We are able to deliver high precision Radiotherapy (3D CRT, IMRT) and Brachytherapy to poor socio-economic group cancer patients. This institution has almost 4 thousand patients registration every year. We also have facility for advanced cancer surgery and chemotherapy. We have a good infrastructure for operation, fully equipped post-op care ward and good day care ward for administrating chemotherapy.


Apart from the treatment modalities we have a very developed diagnostic unit with us which contains well equipped pathological and biochemistry lab and a very good radiological unit which contains digital X-ray, ultrasound and CT scan machine. Every year almost 4 thousand new cancer patient comes to the hospital for treatment in which 2/3rd are undiagnosed with symptoms of cancer. With the help of pathological and radiological unit we diagnose and stage the patient. Patient is categorized and treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Patient who are in advanced stage are treated with palliative intent and we are able to provide a good life in terminal stage. This institute is charitable serving the humanity with the help of its honourable trustees. Our vision is big and we have to go far to achieve success in fight against the cancer.

Honorable Doctors provided their dedicated charitable services in foundation phase:-

Dr. L.D. Singh :- resigned from N.E. Railway Gorakhpur to provide honorary services to this hospital as Orthopedic Surgeon in the interest of poor cancer patients.

Dr. A.K. Chakrawarty :- A leading Pathologist of Gorakhpur offered his honorary Pathologist services in the interest of poor cancer patients.

Dr. M.N. Sharma :- A Renowned General Surgeon Retired from the post of Medical Director N.E. Railway, Gorakhpur. Decided to offer his honorary services to cancer patients & served till his last breath.

Dr. O.P. Trehan :- Retired as H.O.D., S.N. Medical College, Agra and offer his honorary services as  Medical Director to this hospital.

Dr. Krishna Dogra :- A leading Gynaecologist of Gorakhpur offered her active Gynaecologist honorary services to this hospital to provide better medical care to the poor needy female cancer patients.


Hanuman Prasad Poddar Cancer Hospital & Research Institute Gita Vatika Gorakhpur-273 006

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