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Hanuman Prasad Poddar Cancer Hospital & Research Institute

Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddarji popularly known as ‘Shri Bhaiji’ was a great saint in the early 20th century whose inspired preaching and great literary works paved the way for the rebirth of spirituality in Indian society. This legendary saint and founder chief editor of Kalyan (Gita Press, Gorakhpur), not only wrote but also revived great literary works and made it accessible to the masses. These publications are even available across important railway stations in India at very affordable prices. People once more had access to great spiritual works that were only heard of and not seen.

As a part of divine & mysterious dispersion. Cancer became the cause of casting away his mortal frame after lifelong dedicated services to humanities. It was late 1970 when cancer was detected to him that time, there was almost no infrastructure of Cancer treatment available at Gorakhpur. Medical help was procured from outside Gorakhpur. Radha Baba was witnessing all the problems & complications of the treatment. He felt that poor patient had no alternation than to leave themselves on fate Or base on supportive medicines only. The hospital then came into existence at the inspiration and spiritual insistence of Sri Radha Baba.


Hanuman Prasad Poddar Cancer Hospital & Research Institute Gita Vatika Gorakhpur-273 006

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